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International derparture passsenger – Noi Bai Airport

International derparture passsenger – Noi Bai Airport

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Step 1: Passenger enters departure hall – third floor, International passenger

There are 04 check-in Islands at departure hall:  A/B, C/D, E/F, G/H (each island consists of 24 check-in counters making total of 96 counters)

Kiosk check-in: 10 counters

To get information about check in counters and check in island of each flight, please check information at Schedule flights (flight information).

+ Vietnam Airlines: the islands of E/F, G/H+ Other airlines: the islands of A/B, C/D

Step 2: Check in:

Passenger present air ticket and personal document to do check in at check in counters or at kiosk check in.

Step 3: Present boarding pass and personal documents:

There are two 02 boarding pass readers at each gate at migration point to identify passengers required for customs inspection and security check for checked baggage:

The card reader signals “no check required”: passengers proceed for migration

The card reader  signals “check required”: passengers will be guided by security staff to Recheck room on the third floor; after checking passengers shall return for migrationTo understand about regulations on checked baggage , please check information at the Regulation on checked baggage and handheld baggage.

Step 4: Immigration:

Passenger present passport and personal documents to migration staff for checking before migration.

Step 5: Security check and customs clearance:

Passenger proceed to security check area and customs clearance, take off personal accessories such us belt, wallet, handy phone, shoes and other items as may be requested by security staffs for security screening along with handheld baggage. Passenger passes through walk through metal detector. After checking, passenger enter departure lounge.

Step 6: Enter departure lounge for departure:

Gates numbered from 20 to 28 are at the right hand side of Terminal (from security check point) – East end.

Gate No 29 and 30 are located in the center of Terminal.

Gates numbered from 31 to 36 are at the left hand side of Terminal (from security check point) – West end.Details of boarding gates are shown on Terminal layout.

Passenger check Boarding gate on boarding pass.Passenger present boarding pass and personal documents for ground handling staff for boarding.

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